Weiterbildung intelligent bodywork bodywork/Shiatsu meets BALLance

The training is aimed at BALLance trained trainers and offers great added value for all practicing BALLancler who work directly on the customer.
9.00 a.m. – 17.00 p.m.
The BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne Mehode meets bodywork and Shiatsu´.
Anja Kursawe combines the 4 pillars of the BALLance method with handles from Shiatsu and body work.
In the seminar, Dr. Tanja Kühne deepened the developed method. Building on the well-known basic exercises, new exercises are presented and special operations in the work on the customer shown and tried out.
Anja Kursawe received the NEOS AWARD in the field of best personal training.
The BALLance balls from DR. Tanja Kühne were awarded the NEOS AWARD as the best product of 2017.
Be there! Treat yourself to a break. Further education and relaxation in one!
Learn how you can offer your customers something very special quickly and very effectively with light exercises and self-help.

Training location: pilateslab-berlin
Training fee: € 190.00 plus 1 Arbeitsbuch 20.00 € zzgl.19% VAT.