Yoga Summer Special & Sound Healing Night

9.00-11.00 am Yoga special with Anja and live music with Lilia
with Tombola and other suprises

18.45 – 22.00 pm sound healing night
Tea ceremonie 18.45-19.30
From 19.30-22.00 we will experience a wonderful sound concert.
This Sound Healing Night is an invitation to indulge in the meditative and trance-inducing sounds of wonderful instruments and voices, be it on the move or in meditation. Our concert venue is a yoga and Pilates studio and thus ideally suited for this special experience.

All three musicians have specialized in the accompaniment of inner journeys and the most sensitive form of music making, free improvisation:

Saskia Baumgart
on vocals, guitar and various sound percussion,
like the shamanic frame drum that invites to travel,
a body tambura, sansula, kigonki, …
and a siren voice that transforms.

with the Chinese Gu Qin, a seven-string zither, rich in overtones that comes from the more than 3000-year-old Daoist tradition of Asia and takes us into distant and new worlds and dimensions, and on the Fujara – a Slovakian flute and the Sansula, as well as various percussion instruments

Miroslav Grosser
on violin, electric violin & overtone singing
with the peculiarity, two melodies in one voice
to sound at the same time and with instruments
To tell stories that enchant and touch

After this sound bath, there is the opportunity to interact with each other, reflect on the experience together, and learn more about the musicians, their instruments and the age-old combination of music and consciousness, energy and healing.

Entrance: 20/25 euros