Slow Down – a retreat for the senses

05-07.07.2024 Brandenburg/Wernsdorf
Welcome to the Sensual, wellness mini Festival in Wernsdorf-Brandenburg, Germany, a transformative journey of the senses taking place from Friday, July 5th, 2024, at 14:00 until Sunday, July 7th, 2024, at 20:00. Tagungshaus Wernsdorf, where our event will be hosted, is just an hour away from Berlin’s Ostkreuz train station, our enchanting venue awaits, easily accessible via trains and buses operating 24 hours. In a quiet atmosphere, away from the hustle of the city and its usual sounds, by participating in such natural space of Wernsdorf, Brandenburg you will enjoy a sensory wellness experience that simulates your eight senses, repurposes them and directs them to what is essential and authentic, as a kind of internal cleansing of your body and mind.

Engage in immersive activities, camping, interactive workshops, forest bathing and artistic musical performances designed by our talented operating team Lilia Keller, Hanaa El Degham, Anja Kursave and Abeer Ali, together with the amazing contribution of the musical band „Tawabil Project“.

The aim of our program is to introduce participants to new sensory practices through a series of thoughtfully designed events and activities. By exposing attendees to carefully curated sensory inputs that draw from artistic, theatrical, musical, and natural resources, as well as insights from health and nutritional studies, we seek to replace outdated sensory habits. This approach is intended to enhance mental well-being, elevate mood, and promote physical balance in the human body .

Join a non forgettable weekend with the surroundings of forests and lakes in Wernsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany.

More info here https://safi.crd.co/#brandenburg.

More info & languages here https://www.abeer-ali.de/event/slow-down-sensual-wellness-mini-festival/